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    Occasionally when I play I get pink vehicle skins and buildings look invisible (just outlines shown). I tried verifying my game cache, what else do I need to do?



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    I have experienced it on this map too, only on this map.  Not sure what the fix it sorry.

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    Hi Aydin: this bug probably is not fixable from my side.

    a. Pink skins happens because you dont have some skin pack up to date. We resently update our packs because we were working in a new doctrine.

    b. Invisible houses, is a map issue. Some custom maps have troubles with Wikinger. My recomendation is to use “Starbuck maps” or “Vanilla maps” they are the best options and I neve had problems with them.

    Then the solucion for your problem is:

    1. Update your skin packs
    2. Avoid custom maps who generate troubles.

    I am not goin to close the post, but provide me with more data to take a look by myself like:

    1. Name of the map who generate the problem
    2. Which skin appear on pink for you
    3. Faction
    4. And all the etc you can post

    Regards, Olhausen

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    Could it be something else?

    I was using default skins and playing on Rzhev, a default map.

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    I required more details:

    a. Which faction (wehrmacht, british, AEF ?)

    b. Which vehicle is affected

    c. Some screenshots

    Then I could be able to reproduce the bug in my pc.

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    A) playing Wehrmacht tank hunters

    B) AA half track and kubelwaggen (stolen from another player)

    C) only screenshots in imgur but can upload high res

    Ive had this problem before as well. When it happens all vehicles for my side are affected. It’s  also happened with Waffen SS.

    I had no skins active (not even Wikinger default)

    Empty buildings happen occasionally too. The “panther stellung” community map, but occasionally other or default maps too.

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    Ok thank you. I will try to reproduce the bug.


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    Is there a way I can force refresh my textures? I’m fairly confident it’s just a data issue on my end, but the “verify game integrity” doesn’t seem to fix it.

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    I had this issue pop up again. I was playing a default map, Operation Sonnewild (not sure on spelling). No skins used. Most units were fine, but buildings were clear. In addition, the Panzer II had this weird silver shine.

    I was using Wehr with Tank Hunters. https://imgur.com/a/APif9e8

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    Some questions:

    1. Do you have all our skins up to date ?
    2. Do you have Tunning and WCP up to date ?
    3. If 1 and 2 is “yes” then do you try a vanilla map ?

    I was tried to reproduce your bug but all works fine to me. My advice in this point is to do a fresh install of Coh2 and mod. Clean all your folders before start.

    Sorry to not have another option in this point.

    Note: we are going to update the mod today, maybe you could wait to have our files up to date on “moddb” before do something radical.


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    I was unable to access my own PC to try a fresh install. However, I spent the weekend at my cousin’s place and was able to game with him on a desktop and his laptop, making this 3 independent PCs we’ve seen it on.

    The errors did not overlap though (i.e. when he had pink vehicles I did not see any issues)

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, all skins are up to date. Also, we did not use any skins. The skin slot was empty most games, same as the decal slot. Do I need to use the Wikinger removal decal?
    2. Yup, we used Conquest HZ and 3.3.4a
    3. We had this issue on multiple maps, vanilla and not. Mainly: Moscow Defensive Line (community), Anklet & Archery (8p default), Oka River (default).
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    Sadly I can not reproduce the error. I tried to google the problem and I found this.

    Check this apparently is a bug who also happens in vanilla. Maybe is not a problem specific from the mod.

    Link to coh2.org:



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    Try verifying your game files.

    does this happen on first launch or after a few games? I have only had this after playing a few games in a row.

    pink skins and invisible buildings are not isolated to wikinger.

    will leave this as unresolved for now, but it may not be something we can fix.

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