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    In this topic I’ll try to focus on mod representation and as well as briefly cover the hungarian units that could be used in the mod.

    Szent László hadosztály/Szent László Infantry Division

    Commander : Major-General Zoltán Szügyi

    Chief of Staff : Major Lajtos Árpád

    Decorator/Build Icon / emblem :

    Image result for szent lászló hadosztályImage result for szent lászló hadosztály

    Armament :

    Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, Zrínyi assault gun, 40M Turán tank and 40M Nimróds.

    Formed and served late in the war, its first battle was in december 1944 in the region of Ipoly and Garam rivers. They were used as emergency squads…deployed where it was most necessary.

    They took part in operation “Tavaszi ébredés” (Frühlingserwachen) (6-16 march 1945) the last major offensive of the Axis.

    They continued to fight in northern Croatia and southern Austria until the end of the war after which they surrendered to British forces.

    Possible Sources :

    101. Puma vadászrepülő osztály/101st Home Air Defence Fighter Wing

    An elite fighter-wing of the Royal Hungarian Air Force. Formed in 1944 it operated against US 15th Air Force and as well as against Soviet VVS.
    One of its top scoring ace, Szentgyörgyi Dezső never crashed a plane due to pilot error and was never shot down.

    Insignia Hungary Army 101st Home Air Defence Fighter Wing (1939-1945).svg
    Motto : Vezérünk a bátorság, kísérőnk a szerencse! (Courage leads, luck escorts us).

    Source : Becze Csaba – Elfelejtett Hősök – A Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő ászai (hungarian)

    Mod representation : 

    I’ve talked a lot about the historical background of hungarian tanks and unit formations, any possibility for in-game representation? Let’s see:

    • No Axis forces can be complete without hungarian units.
    • Besides the many different types of Stug III and IV’s it would boost the variety if a Zrinyi (especially mounted by hungarian units) was added instead if its possible.
    • A call-in could work containing elements of the above detailed elite Szent László division as a “fireworker” brigade. Up to you.
    • A possible air-strike call in (similarly to Hans-Ulrich Rudel from Iron Will) could work for the Puma with the detailed ace.
    • An 39M Csaba or better, 38M Toldi light tanks as an option instead of / besides the german variants.
    • Should you have problems recreating the specific hungarian tanks with their unique models, hungarian units used (as mentioned before) german tanks aswell such as Stug III/IV, Hetzer, Panzer III/IV/V, Tiger I etc.

    Doctrinal Representation  :

    I was mainly thinking of possible hungarian units in the remaining Wehrmacht doctrines (one of them or both) as they are still under development or will be. I wouldn’t rule out the first 2 Wehrmacht doctrines either, but they seem to be fine for now.

    Interesting read about the Hungarian mobile defense lines known as “Árpád Line” :

    More than 600 kms in length, was a type of flexible defense (unlike the continous fortress-line such as the Maginot system) with multiple lines of defense and so called “völgy zár” (valley fort).

    The line was eventually bypassed by soviet forces after the romanian declaration of war on the Axis.


    Portraits : 

    Image result for hungarian uniform ww2

    A private (PV2) hungarian soldier.


    Hungarian paratroopers on the move (1944)

    Image result for hungarian army uniform ww2

    Presumably from the the book :Hungarian Army uniforms 1939-1945.


    1943M padded winter uniform

    Camouflage :

    M1938 : Hungary1.jpg

    M1944 :


    Everything important regarding hungarian camouflages read here  :


    If needed, I can try and translate the possible hungarian names that are used (if) in the mod.


    You might want to take a look at these too…I doubt they could be recreated in the game, but still interesting reads:

    Hungarian 44M “Buzogányvető” unguided anti-tank rocket:



    44M Hungarian Bazooka/Panzerschreck :


    Thanks for reading:)

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    Again a beautifully detailed suggestion post however most of this is just not possible with the current mod tools. We can’t add vehicle models or infantry skins.

    If we could there would definitely be a bigger Hungarian contingent.

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