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    Let’s say you have an engineer squad equipped with a flamethrower and you order them to build a demolition charge near a concrete bunker. They approach the bunker and 1 of them goes forth to build the demo charge. Then the others behind him attack the bunker with the flamethrower and also kill the engineer who is building the charge, and if you do not order them to stop and move away, the whole squad may get killed by this. Maybe disable flamethrower attack while they are building demo charges?



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    Fixed ! for version 3.3.5

    Now all squad with flamethrowers will have a multiple casting demo charge. Then the squad will be setting up the charge and not generate this nasty bug. Squad with NO flamethrower will keep the old animation.

    I also improves the ability actions to have a clean modding. The ability was a very old and needs tweaks. I did this for all Wikinger demo charges timed and trigger


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