Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #19

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #19

Hello Wikingers,

this week has been a week of

tiny bits and pieces!

Again we achieved some records, more or less a record month – well, actually we did not do it, YOU, the great Wikinger community, did it.

Website Record

Last month (September) was a great month, we had our Website Record Day as mentioned in the Weekly Wrap Up #16 with over 600 site views on one day.

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Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #17

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #17

Hello Wikingers!

Thanks to Lorarius, I was able to have a weeks break from doing the weekly wrap up, but this week I am back!

First Up

Patch Progress

We rolled out 3.1.6C yesterday, which seems odd as we have been gearing up to 3.1.7 – Eisener Wille, however rather than bundle all this work into one huge patch that takes over a month to develop we are rolling out the groundwork for the next doctrine in a series of smaller rapid patches.  We’ve made some huge improvement to the mod in this latest patch, we have one more patch to get out the door and then we all the major ground work is completed and rolled out for the next doctrine patch.  Which also means we can just do the doctrine and not have anything else bundled with it.

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Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #16

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #16

Hi Wikinger,
this update is mostly not about us or our work, no, it is about you – the great and growing Wikinger community!

Social [Recorday(s)]

Our old record, in terms of site visits per day, of 474 from August ’17 just got destroyed in the past week on September 13th. 618… in words: sixhundredeighteen site visits in just one day.

Maybe you have also noticed that we have some advertisments running – please deactivate your AdBlocker and add our site to the whitelist. We really need income to pay for our fixed monthly rates.


We also crossed the 300 likes border. Thanks for your likes on there.

Some more reviews would be awsome, so if you have some time we would really appreciate if you tell others how much you like Wikinger.

✠Wiking Clan✠

The Wiking Clan is a fun clan for Company of Heroes 2. They are playing vanilla and Wikinger and are open to new members arround the world. Continue reading →