Discord Missions

Discord Missions

Hi Wikingers! So we’re just about to launch our fourth mission, the second Operation Overlord campaign mission.

You may have seen people getting tagged and promoted up ranks in the discord server. When we started this we were really experimenting with the idea and had a vague idea as to where it might go (or not go).

We were so wrong, it has seen a level of involvement we really were not expecting, and thus we really needed to firm up what we were doing with it.

So, here’s the plan!

For players…

Consecutive missions completed successfully will progress the player up the discord ranks, bonuses achieved will award an experience star.

Once a player hits either the top enlisted rank, there is no further progression unless they have five experience stars. Qualifying them for a battlefield commission.

A battlefield commission will move the user from the enlisted ranks up to the commissioned officer ranks! This will reset both their enlisted ranks and experience stars.

And for missions…

Right now we’re working our way through XVIII Corps on their journey from D-Day to VE Day. We’re planning on running a 10 mission campaign for this season. Once we’re done with this campaign season, we will take a short break and then launch into the next one.

Which will be an Axis campaign, we will alternate between Allied and Axis as we work our way through each of the factions and doctrines.

Factions & Ranks

As we make our way through the various campaigns we will reset the ranks and experience stars, as we will be replacing them with their factional variants and flavours as we go.

Awards, recognition & eternal glory!

At this stage we are considering some form of award for the “winners” of the campaign, we haven’t quite confirmed how we’re going to do this but we do have a good idea of what we’re wanting to do for it.

Other channels

We’re currently advertising the missions on our other social channels but we are only accepting entries through the discord channel, we may change this later but at this stage we’re focusing on the discord as it’s our biggest community.

Get involved!

We’re rolling out co-op variants to our missions from mission four, we’ve been told that this is an option people want so we’re very excited to get that happening.

In regards to a PvP campaign, those are called tournaments. There will be more on that later but for now that’s something that isn’t ready to be trialled, bad tournaments usually leave more players unhappy than happy.

That’s all for now, we’ll be in touch shortly with the next mission!

The Wikinger Development Team

Wikinger January Update

Wikinger January Update

Hey Wikingers,

new year, new month, time for a new blog post.

ToDo for 2019

  • modding the remaining 8 doctrines
    • 4x Wehrmacht and 4x Soviet,
    • but to be honest from our experience so far, unexpected things happen when least expected (and needed). So a realistic goal for 2019 would be to finish 3 of each doctrines (so 6 in total).
  • balance changes (buffs and nerfs)
    • Luftwaffe needs some attention again
    • Americans shall have a small adjustment as well
  • … who knows what else we might come up this year.
  • playing lots of games with our community

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Wikinger November Update

Wikinger November Update

Hey Wikingers!

It’s time for an update – and this time we have some hints to announce!

Last British Doctrine


We are hoping to finish the first round of coding very soon (<1 week), which means we will be in Beta Testing Phase mid to end of November. Hopefully everything goes smooth and there are not so many mistakes, adjustments or bugfixes necessary. Continue reading →