Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #7

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #7

Another week has flown by! Here we are for another weekly wrap up.

Patch 3.1.5B Update

Status: Released!

That’s right, after a lot longer than we intended (see wrap up #6) we released the 3.1.5B patch on the 16th (GMT+12).  We had to do a lot of work twice, but that’s just the price to pay for having a standard of a bug free release, every time.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the improvements we’ve made to Wikinger in this patch, it should have removed a lot of frustrations that have been voiced over the previous weeks and months.

3.1.5B in Detail

British Commonwealth

  • Reworked all mortars weapons & abilities. Now they have properly modded saturation/precision/auto-attack and mortar warheads.
  • Reworked all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Mortar emplacement barrage smoke creeping reworked. Increased cost & remove veterancy restriction.
  • Reworked Typhoon strafing run
  • Increased ammo price of Vickers from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • Rework Churchill Crocodile damage & criticals vs vehicles

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Wikinger – Weekly Update #3 – 3.1.5 out now

Wikinger – Weekly Update #3 – 3.1.5 out now

Hello Wikingers!

First off, a success – this update rolls out exactly one week after the previous one!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three months, you will have been more than aware that we have been working on patch 3.1.5 – originally the Scorched Earth to Verbrannte Erde doctrine overhaul patch, that grew into an artillery overhaul and then into a spotter/recon and sniper overhaul patch.

3.1.5 patch live! Verbrannte Erde

Anyway – the point of this is to say the highlight of this week has been the release of this patch!

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Beta Tester’s Review for the 3.1.5 patch

Beta Tester’s Review for the 3.1.5 patch

Featuring Sean, one of our Beta Testers, who has been a great help to us on finding many of the smaller and bigger bugs that somehow found a way into the code. Hope you like his article, we plan to feature others also in form of a guest-authorship.

My Opinion And Review For 3.1.5 Wikinger,

Hello My name is Fallschirmjäger Stabsfeldwebel Sean, I am one of the Beta Testers for the upcoming Wikinger 3.1.5 patch, introducing the SS Panzer Artillerie Regiment – Verbrannte Erde.

So you might have heard there are some changes coming well they are HUGE changes so sit down get a cup of coffee and enjoy!

New vehicle Portraits

So far, I have been enjoying them a lot, they look beautiful, credit goes to Starbuck for his amazing work.
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Sniper Overhaul – 3.1.5 patch onwards

Sniper Overhaul – 3.1.5 patch onwards

Snipers in the vanilla are quite bland and simply run around firing on the move like some kind of Rambo. We want snipers to play their more historical role of stealthy long-range killers who survive through field-craft and camouflage but are very vulnerable if caught in the open.

Historical Optics – Each faction will only have access to optics that were used historically in WW2 with the most common being around 3.5-4x magnification. Magnification is what decides how far a sniper can see but is not the only factor in a scope. The other important factor is Field of View which is how wide the scope picture is when aiming. As magnification increases your Field of view will become more and more narrow. Some nations will have multiple optics choices so the player will have to decide what they prefer, longer range with a narrow view and the risk of being flanked or shorter range with a wider field of view.
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